The Irish Health Foundation – Bringing knowledge and understanding of health and wellness and building the infrastructure across Ireland to deliver it.

The Irish Health Foundation (IHF) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to promote ‘natural healthy-living’ in Ireland. It’s time for more options and alternatives to create a better Ireland for ourselves, our children, families, and communities. With our increased understanding of what is required for ‘Good Health’ we can build this alternative option, the option to live in ‘Healthy Ireland’.

‘Good Health’ as we understand it, is not based on one factor alone. It is the result of a combination of activities and routines, repeated every day. It is a lifestyle and it requires thought and discipline. The unfortunate truth about many lifestyles is that they have largely been built on very weak foundations, poor routines and little disciple over many many years. An important factor in how this came about on such a mass scale is related to the level of sugar, alcohol, sweeteners, tobacco, stimulants, salts and fats that we became accustomed to as children, growing into young adults. All of us, with very few exceptions have a longing (addiction) for some or all of these. We are a people of addiction and it is ruining us. This can be applied to the mental health too. Poor lifestyle has a huge impact on things like gut-health and the proven knock-on impact this has on brain chemistry. Shallow breathing (as opposed to deep breathing) effects how we think and feel. Social media, pornography, gambling, shopping, TV are just a few more addictions we battle with daily, which negatively impact mental processes. The world we live in has set us up to be the way we are. We fell into the trap because we were not paying attention and did not have easy-access to the information which could give us an understanding of to live better and more naturally. Instead, disease is the normal – expect to be sick, expect to struggle, expect to feel tired all the time. Expect pain. We accepted this life. We have given our consent and they have built the ‘Ireland of Excess’ for us that we requested.

As an organisation we have three main goals which will bring more balance to the situation. This will be achieved through three main initiatives focusing on – Production and supply; information and understanding; and people and skills.

1. Production Support Initiative – Supporting the production of ‘health-promoting’ products and services. Make it more affordable and accessible for people to buy local and fresh, wholesome organic produce and and support the producers of these products so that they can expand and grow efficiently to compete with prices of traditional alternatives. Additionally, production support involves supporting those services that are health-promoting and encouraging them to improve and expand.

2. Information Support Initiative – Supporting the sharing and understanding of ‘health-promoting’ information. Give more people easy access to the information they need in order for them to understand how what they consume is affecting their health, their immunity, their bodies and their minds. Consume being related to both physical and mental, directing people on the positives and negatives of certain consumption routines.

3. People Support Initiative – Supporting the people to educate and train themselves with ‘health-promoting’ skills. Support people who want to educate themselves further on supporting ‘good health’ and nutrition so that they can go on to help others to improve their health by working as nutritionists, health coaches, organic farmers, shop owners, retreat organizers, yoga instructors, martial arts coaches etc in other areas across Ireland.

Follow the links in blue to learn more about what the IHF does – these are the areas that funding will be allocated towards. The opportunity is there if we want it, we just need to nurture and support it and then it will take off itself because it will be so overwhelmingly positive.

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Written by Jonathan Comerford  – Founder of The Irish Health Foundation

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