Irish Health Found is non-profit community organisation registered in Ireland as The Irish Health Foundation.

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Our mission is to promote strong mental and physical health in Ireland through natural lifestyle choices, clean living and positive experiences and habits. We achieve this mission through a blend of online learning, face-to-face events and community networking that empowers people to take positive and powerful action towards improving their physical and mental well-being.

‘Good health’ as we understand it, is not based on one factor alone. It is the result of a combination of activities and routines, repeated every day. It is a lifestyle and it requires thought and discipline. The unfortunate truth about many of  our ‘normal’ lifestyles is that they have largely been built on very weak foundations, poor routines and little disciple over many many years. Unfortunately and needlessly, we have now reached a critical point where too many people in Ireland are falling victim to mental and physical health problems that are ruining lives, devastating families and weakening communities.

  • Depression
  • Mental Illness
  • Suicide
  • Disease
  • Obesity
  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Tiredness
  • Worry
  • Anger
  • Addiction
  • Fear

Little problems and big problems, over time they all add up. The many daily stresses of ‘normal life’ are squeezing our minds, destroying our bodies and stealing our happiness. Just being happy and peaceful in mind can be so difficult when we are surrounded by pain and suffering of mind and body.

Everyone is at risk of experiencing mental health problems, but people aged from thirteen up to forty four, male and female are the highest risk of all.  This is a common finding across the research from The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, the Samaritans and other Irish Universities. These reports also highlight an even more serious issue that the people who need help for mental health issues can’t get it easily, with long waiting times for access to counselling, education and development support. Add to this, the well-known facts that physical diseases like cancer and heart disease are still rapidly rising, obesity in children and adults is now a national epidemic and auto-immune disorders like lupus and arthritis are silently crippling hundreds of thousands of people.

The Irish Health Foundation is here to change all of that.

It is time to flip a negative into an almighty positive.

Yes, we are making it happen and we need your support. We will help thousands of people reconnect with health and happiness and uplift communities with what we do.  In this darkest of hours, people can turn to the Irish Health Foundation because we will have your back. We are here to help women and men, old and young, take positive and powerful action to get back to feeling good and loving life. We do this in many simple, enjoyable ways that naturally strengthen the mind, the body and the soul.

One of our favourite ways to help is by organising community events and retreats which you can learn more about here.

In addition to hosting the events, we also help through our ‘online natural health centre’ which is currently in development. You can learn more about that here. This is how we will quickly spread more of this uplifting, natural, life-giving knowledge the length and breadth of Ireland!

What is our vision for The Irish Health Foundation?

The website is our ‘online natural-health centre’ that will give people access to many easy and uplifting lessons, techniques, tips and tricks that help rebalance, support and heal their mind and body naturally and gently.

The website delivers a library of online learning through video courses, development plans, and practical workshops that showcase useful techniques and lifestyles that we can all use to protect our mental and physical health.

Personal online video consultations and plans will be available for those needing some extra personal trainer guidance.  This will be provided by our local community natural-health experts who will also be available to meet members face to face and take an even more personal approach with those who want it.

These lessons and techniques will constantly be mirrored and developed in real-life at our weekly walks, day-retreats and weekend getaways. Here, you can expect to meet many of the inspiring people we promote on the website. Community and inspiration is a wonderful mix!

In time, as we grow, much of this guidance will take place in our physical premises (Irish Health Found Centres) where we will also host our events, consultations, workshops and classes to help those who are interested to learn about living a natural, healthy, happy lifestyle and meeting like-minded people eager to do the same.

As an organisation we concentrate on achieving our mission through three main initiatives focusing on production and supply; information and understanding; and people and skills.

1. Production Support Initiative – Supporting the production of ‘health-promoting’ products and services. Make it more affordable and accessible for people to buy local and fresh, wholesome organic produce and and support the producers of these products so that they can expand and grow efficiently to compete with prices of traditional alternatives. Additionally, production support involves supporting those services and businesses that are health-promoting and encouraging them to improve and expand.

2. Information Support Initiative – Supporting the sharing and understanding of ‘health-promoting’ information. Give more people easy access to the information they need in order for them to understand how what they consume is affecting their health, their immunity, their bodies and their minds. Consume being related to both physical and mental, directing people on the positives and negatives of certain consumption routines. Our ‘online health centre’ and events are the backbone of this initiative.

3. People Support Initiative – Supporting the people to educate and train themselves with ‘health-promoting’ skills. Support people who want to educate themselves further on supporting ‘good health’ and nutrition so that they can go on to help others to improve their health by working as nutritionists, health coaches, organic farmers, shop owners, retreat organizers, yoga instructors, martial arts coaches etc in other areas across Ireland.

Follow any of the links to learn more about what the Irish Health Foundation does – these are the areas that funding is allocated towards.

We are looking forward to your support. We are very excited because there are so many people who will benefit from this organisation which will bring with it great health, happiness and joy for thousands; improving lives and strengthening Ireland for the future and for our children.

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