Get Relaxed Walks are what exactly?

Every second Wednesday I meet Dug somewhere nice in Cork at 7pm. It has been Blackrock Marina and Castle mostly up to now. For about a hour and half we go through some powerful and simple techniques that we use everyday to stay strong in body and mind. We invite people to try it with us (there is no cost) and now there is a growing group of people joining us so that they can learn more about it and experience the feeling for themselves. Feedback so far has been great! We are delighted that people in our community can now enjoy the benefits of such simple practices.

Wim Hof breathing technique is a big one that in gaining more and more success in the lives of people all over the world. The Iceman Wim Hof has developed this breathing technique over many years and has used it to break several world records by performing super-human feats with the cold. Science has shown that by highly-oxygenating the blood there is a knock-on effect to the whole body where we essentially become much stronger as a result and can fight a host of diseases and disorders, reduce inflammation, treat depression, withstand icy cold and much more.

After a very short walk to our location we bring everyone through 4-5 rounds of this Wim Hof breathing while sitting in a circle on some cushions on the grass. Not only does this breathing help with the big diseases etc it is also amazing as a tool to feel great, elated, confident, giddy, happy and brave. Getting ‘high on your own supply’ as Wim puts it. On our podcast This Irish Life we did a show about it and our experience of it.

Once we have enjoyed the great feelings from the breathing relaxing outside, sitting or lying; we go into a very simple meditation which is based on the teachings of Buddhist monks. Calming the mind helps on so many levels and this 20 minute guided mediation outside in nature on a Wednesday evening can be a nice release breaking the week. When combined with the good-feeling endorphins coming from the brain after the breathing, it makes for a very relaxing experience.

The idea behind this Get Relaxed Walk is to bring natural health tips and tricks more into our communities again. Reconnecting with the outdoors is also powerful. The goal of everything we do at Irish Health Found is to find more peace and more good health for ourselves and our families and our children in what is a pretty hectic and distracting world.

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