We run different types of events for young and old, that bring great fun, great feeling and great health-promoting practices. All members will be regularly updated by email about upcoming events. Stay up to date by following us on Facebook. Keep an eye on our news page. Or email info@irishhealthfound.com if you would like more information.

‘Get Relaxed Walk’

On this leisurely walk (which is free to all attending), we stroll, slow-paced around somewhere nice in Cork and practice some easy and powerful movement and breathing techniques that help relax the mind and rebalance the body too. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get out of the house, meet great people, and learn some things that can uplift your life. Just be you and do whatever feels good. Come late, leave early. Don’t rush. It’s about you, not us. No expectations. No pressure. Get Relaxed!

These walks usually happen every 2nd Wednesday from 7 – 9pm. Just turn up if fancy coming along. Our next walk is scheduled for 13th of June and it will begin from the Atlantic Pond Blackrock, Cork. Plenty of parking is available. Stay up to date by following us on Facebook. Keep an eye on our news page. Or email info@irishhealthfound.com if you would like more information.

‘Get Well Day Retreat’ –

This is an amazing health and wellness day we have organised in the beautiful seaside town of Myrtleville, Co. Cork. In partnership with Myrtleville House B&B and The Warming Wagon, on this retreat you will experience and learn about how to use saunas, cold baths, meditation, movement, breathing and more! You will come home feeling great and you will also bring back with you the new knowledge of these wonderful health-promoting practices and how to use them effectively in your day-to-day life.

These retreats usually happen once a month on a Sunday from 10am to 5pm. The day begins with a talk about the benefits of using heat and cold to improve health, reduce pain and inflammation and prolong life. Following this talk, the group will begin with a sauna session on the scenic grounds of Myrtleville House, surrounded by trees, birds and nature. After the sauna, there are barrels of cold water spread around the gardens for everyone to enjoy and soak up the atmosphere, smells, sights and sounds. Towels, snacks and water are all provided. Once we have finished the first session we will continue with a talk and experience of Wim Hof breathing, light stretching and movement exercises to open up the joints and get more good energy flowing through the body and mind. After a short break for a light lunch which we provide, the second part of the day will begin with a talk about nutrition and water, followed by a guided meditation to improve wellness. The day will finish as it began with a second hot session in the sauna and another cold dip in the cold water barrels. For those who are interested we will take a walk down to the beach and finish with a final Wim Hof breathing session and a dip in the sea. Everyone will leave the day with a wellness pack containing more information about what we did so that you can continue with these life-giving experiences in your own life and keep feeling the amazing benefits for days and weeks to follow.

Our next day retreat is to be confimred. Booking is required as places are limited to 8 people per day. Cost per person is €70 payable in advance. If you want to enjoy an event like this on a different day than the dates we usually host for a personal party or corporate event we can do this for you too! Stay up to date by following us on Facebook. Keep an eye on our news page. Or email info@irishhealthfound.com if you would like more information.

Future Events

We have many great ideas for more events that will give people an uplifting experience and some education to help them use it more in their daily lives. Some of these include –

  • ‘Back-to-Nature Day Retreat’ – learn about trees, plants, fruits, vegetables, foraging and horticulture. There is food and medicine all around us, it’s exciting when you can see it for what it is.
  • ‘How-to-Eat Day Retreat’ – learn about nutrition, fasting, water, your body and your mind. How and what we eat plays the biggest part in our health – it’s good to learn how to do it correctly.
  • ‘Positive-Mind Day Retreat’ – Learn simple effective ways to turn your mind into a positivity factory. Getting happy is the name of the game and there are some great ways to make it happen fast. Experience is key and that’s what this day is all about.
  • ‘Native-Ireland Day Retreat’ – Learn about Irish culture, Ogham and the Brehon system that is the true magic of Ireland. Reconnect with your heritage!

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