This page includes details of our priority projects and the costings associated with each.

Online Natural Health Centre –

Funding Required – €18,000 : Donate Here

To raise money which will be used to create, develop, promote and support the website. This is our ‘online natural-health centre’ that will give people access to many easy and uplifting lessons, techniques, tips and tricks that help re-balance, support and heal their mind and body naturally and gently.

The website delivers a library of online learning through video courses, development plans, and practical workshops that showcase useful techniques and lifestyles that we can all use to protect our mental and physical health.

The money raised will go towards developing the website content and media into a top-of-the-range, easy-to-use website plus the associated costs that will arise with the launch, promotion and running of this service. You can download and review our Website and App Portfolio by clicking the link to see what our vision is for the finished website/app.

€8,000 – Creating the content and website:

  • Design cost and development of Media Content & Website/App – €7,000
  • Annual Web Hosting – €500
  • Annual Online Payment Facilities Hosted – €500

€10,000 – Running Costs & Launch Costs

  • Administration & Expenses – €4,000
  • Marketing Launch – Social Media / Google Ads / Local Events – €6,000


Natural Health Centre –

Funding Required – TBD

Funding Start Date – TBD

Target Completion Date – TBD

Get involved –

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