Jonathan Comerford BComm MBS (Managing Director & Co-Founder) –

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Since age 24, in an attempt to ease and address some of my own personal struggles, I have had a non-stop passion to improve my own physical and mental health. Along this journey I have been living a lot of the life that we promote through Irish Health Found and it has been so uplifting for me. So much so that I wrote an ebook to share what I learned (available for free here) and soon after in 2016, I started the idea of The Irish Health Foundation. In February 2018 I made a decision spend time on this idea by taking timeout from work, leaving a stressful job in IT-sales and focusing for a few months 100% on The Irish Health Foundation.

With the amazing support of my long-time best friend Paul Duggan, a like-minded natural-health advocate, we further developed my original vision and created a strategy to share what we have learned with others. We put together a plan with a team of experts and local businesses who could help us achieve this goal and I am excited and privileged to have their support and to share this amazing journey with them. As part-time voluntary Managing Director of The Irish Health Foundation, I work with our voluntary board to deliver on our projects in a timely and cost-effective manner to give maximum return and benefit to all our members. Personally, I bring over 10 years experience in business start-up, sales, marketing and management which I gained working as an entrepreneur and as a sales rep for several multi-national companies. As an entrepreneur/sales-guy/manager I chased the ‘almighty dollar’ with varied success for 10 years. Now, after my mini-meltdown early 2018 I am only chasing the ‘almighty happiness’. I truly believe we have created an organisation and structure that can help reshape health in Ireland for now and future generations to come and I am dedicated to achieving this goal because I love doing it and love even more what it will create for us all as people! Hopefully one day in the future when the time is right, this organisation will be successful enough, busy enough and wealthy enough to need a full-time Managing Director and employees and when that day comes, with board approval, I will be ready and available to take this dream to the next level. If you would like to contact me to discuss what you can do to help our ongoing-projects I am contactable always by email on I look forward to connecting with more wonderful and inspiring people who I know share our values and goals.

Paul Duggan (Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder) –

sand d - Copy (2)I Paul Duggan, as Co-Founder of The Irish Health Foundation made this amazing idea come to life with my best friend Jonathan Comerford . We all know the world can be a strange place with a lot of misinformation out there on how to live a happy, strong, healthy life. We at The Irish Health Foundation promote the world’s leading research on all health topics – mental health and physical health and overall life-living health. It should be your own choice on how you would like to help yourself. We at the Irish health Foundation will use the world’s leading health researchers on leading edge of break-through science to support your issue and show you more choices you might not know about. We believe human beings have this amazing ability to love and care for one an other, we are here to help you remember the happiness we all have inside since we were children. Life should be fun, people should be good, and that’s where we come in. Please join us, sign-up to become a member and watch while we help and save our fellow Man and Woman.

Other Members of the Team –

We will be announcing the rest of the team in the days and weeks ahead. Expect to see plenty more experienced and inspiring faces appearing here with their own stories to tell. We have a full board of directors to announce and a team of experts and local sponsors who are going to make The Irish Health Foundation a national and international organisation.