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Our first Irish Health Found Wellness Day

Yesterday we hosted our first Sauna Day in Nature at Myrtleville in Cork. The short day-retreat, set in nature on the grounds of 17th century Myrtleville House, was designed to introduce guests to:

  • An experience of deep breathing and the reasons why it helps body and mind.
  • An experience of saunas/heat-shock and what it does for promoting good health.
  • An experience of awareness and techniques for staying mindful and powerful.

Multiple world record holder, Wim Hof, is a Dutch advocate of deep breathing who created the Wim Hof technique. He has been very vocal about how higher oxygen levels in the blood and brain can produce new body chemistry that results in powerful healing of the body and mind!

We brought in a sauna from The Warming Wagon to demonstrate and discuss how heat shock promotes healing and wellness. Dr Rhonda Patrick of Found My Fitness in the US has done some amazing research on this to show it prolongs life, rebalances body chemistry and promotes healing.

For the final part of the day we had a Buddhist monk from Mitchelstown temple called Rumpai Kaenkul (he’s on Facebook @watmahadhatuireland) to walk us through a beautiful meditation while he shared his teachings about mindfulness and awareness. Very inspiring I must say.

We hope to do something similar again in the future as a retreat day again and also as a community event at Inch beach in Cork and a talk some evening at our soon to be opening Irish Health Found Centre in Douglas Cork.

Hope to see you there sometime! 🙂

Losing weight can be easy!

Irish Health Foundation Cork

Today is a momentous day, The Irish Health Foundation has officially launched in Cork with me, Jonathan Comerford, as the first Health & Lifestyle Coach.

It is recognized by science and the ‘experts’ that disease and illness in most cases is optional. Great health, strong body and mind, daily happiness, excitement and contentment is the natural state of being for every man and woman reading this. But nobody ever told you or me how to get there. The Irish Health Foundation will ensure that you, your children and your grandchildren will know well how to be naturally healthy and strong, and how to avoid illness and disease. Building a future where we can all choose to live in a society that fully supports healthy natural living.

My job as a Health & Lifestyle Coach for Cork is simple – I share information about a range of natural, scientifically recognized health-promoting habits and lifestyles to those who are interested.  Many of these approaches I have applied in my own life to great success, which is why I am so enthusiastic to give others the chance to try them too! If people want to learn more and go really in depth because a certain approach may help them achieve a health goal, I can recommend local specialists and experiences in the Cork community that best fits that requirement. The areas where we offer information, guidance, experience and coaching are:

Nutrition – what should and shouldn’t we be eating and why. Very Important!

Diet – how to create a diet based on whole, natural foods and what you should look at including to stay healthy and strong.

Exercise – learn what type of exercise is most suitable for what purpose. There’s more to it than running and the gym.

Lifestyle – being healthy is a lifestyle not a diet. What does that lifestyle look like?

Mindfulness – our thoughts have a powerful impact on how we view and interact with the world. Being mindful through certain techniques can quiet and focus that chattering mind.

Losing Weight – intermittent fasting and clean eating is the safest and fastest way to weight-loss.

Organic – natural organically-grown food is the only type of food we should be eating on all levels.

Vegetarian & Vegan – learn about the benefits and the risks to reducing and/or removing meat and animal-based foods from our diets.

Breathing – deep-breathing in the right ways brings about untold health benefits.

Meditation – meditation techniques vary but the goal should be the same – no thoughts, clear mind (unless inspired thought).

Heat & Cold Therapy – using saunas, hot baths, ice baths and cold showers in the right way will reduce inflammation, treat injury, prolong life and much more.

Natural Medicine – there are many ways to treat disease naturally and re-balance a sick body or mind, most people don’t know about these options and that thee are local people who can help.

Juicing & Smoothies – the best way to get your body firing on all cylinders, look great, boost immunity and enhance energy levels.

Gut Health – the link between gut bacteria and mental health is astonishing and deserves attention by us all.

Growing Food – it is easier than people think to grow organic food in a small garden plot.

Movement – keep the joints moving and strong and learn the beauty of balance.

Martial Arts – as a discipline for the mind and an art of self-defense this is an exceptional way to stay sharp, fit and confident.

Understand Disease – why do we get sick? I have some answers from the experts you might like to consider.

About Water – it is important to put  the right kind of water into the body, but there are so many conflicting opinions, which is the right one? Right now I’m trying distilled water.

Yoga – 10 minutes of easy yoga a day should be practiced to stay aligned physically and mentally, learn the basics quickly and easily.

Body Chemistry – ever wondered what is going on in the body chemically to create the way you feel, think, grow and develop?

Addictions – most physical addictions have the same root which will result in cravings – that is a lack of positive brain chemicals. What can we do to address this?

Law of Attraction – thoughts do become things and it is actually a fine science of creative thoughts and feelings that will bring your hopes (and/or fears) to you quickly or slowly.

Local Specialists – if there is a need for expert assistance on any of these topics, the IHF will be able to recommend the right local person for the job.

So there is, I look forward to sharing these life-improving choices with the people of Cork. Keep an eye out for lots of useful content, tips and tricks by subscribing to this blog or follow us on Facebook @irishhealthfound.

Peace, love and health be with us all!

If you would like to learn more or talk to me about arranging a consultation you can:

Email –

Phone – 00353 89 6031530

Check us out at

Written by Jonathan Comerford, Founder of The Irish Health Foundation

What is The Irish Health Foundation?

The Irish Health Foundation – a bridge to ‘healthy-living’ for Ireland. Bringing knowledge and understanding of health and wellness and building the infrastructure across Ireland to deliver it.

Who is doing anything positive and powerful on a national scale about promoting health and well-being deeply in Ireland?

The Irish Health Foundation (IHF) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to promote ‘healthy-living’ in Ireland. The results of this mission will make Ireland the most health-conscious nation in the world and create an underlying nationwide infrastructure that gives all the Irish people easy access to ‘healthy-living’.

There are so many organisations out there who are focused on specific diseases or health challenges but to me they are missing the bigger picture. All the big players (for-profit and not-for-profit) allocate funding and investment towards finding a ‘cure’. So by their nature they are largely reactive to existing problems. On the proactive side, there is always the token mention of healthy lifestyle, get some exercise, eat your vegetables – but this is more of an after-thought than a guiding principle.

My understanding is that most of the money ever invested in health in Ireland has focused on almost exclusively helping people who are already suffering and sick versus investing in actually preventing the disease from developing in the first place. If we took all the organisations in Ireland (public/private/non-profit) that aim to tackle health problems/diseases and calculated how much they spent on finding ‘cures’ over the past 10 years, I’m sure it would total hundreds of millions of euro. By contrast, how many national organisations (public/private/non-profit) have invested deeply in ‘healthy-living’ (as opposed to investing deeply in ‘disease-curing’). I have not come across any that have done anything of note. I’m sure they probably exist but they are largely unknown and small in comparison to the big ‘disease-tackling’ organisations. I say it is time to change this focus!

Stop waiting to get sick. Live to be well. Understand why you get sick and take preventative action. Add to that, the fact that the human body can actually become super-human and super-charged when you introduce lifestyles like non-meat, vegetarian, vegan, raw whole foods, organic foods, exercise, breathing, meditating and so on. This is what the Irish Health Foundation is supporting and promoting. We are that organisation that will stand for ‘healthy living’. We will promote it and support it up and down the country. Our work is only just beginning, please support us if you believe you can help in any way.

The Irish Health Foundation is giving the gift of great health back to the Irish people.

Learn more by following the link. 

Written by Jonathan Comerford – Founder of The Irish Health Foundation

This Irish Life Podcast 22 – Grow Your Own Organic Food -Part 1 of 3

The boys havin da craic, chatting about the best ways to grow food in your home and garden. In the world of today we have somehow become brainwashed to think that it is okay to eat large amounts of rubbish, processed, dead food that travels half way across the world to our local supermarket and then we buy it and eat it. Most of this food is covered in pesticides, herbicides and who knows what else before it reaches your local store. They are often sprayed with chemicals to preserve them, keep their colour and prevent them rotting too fast. This is madness and so far from our natural state of being. This approach to food makes us sick and keeps us sick. Growing your own food leads to a range of benefits from health to money, to lifestyle and positivity, this is a must-consider for anyone looking to live a better life. Running through the super-importance of soil and what to plant in. How to plant. What to plant. When to plant. The best tips for quick learning. Plus of course a Bollox Alert that may surprise you, a Hot Topic that is curing cancer and plenty of banter….

Also available as a video where you can see Shooz and Dug in the studio – available on YouTube at the link below.


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