This Irish Life Podcast – Top 5 Health Tips

Here are 5 simple tips that can be applied in order to increase how healthy, strong and happy we are as people. They are simple but we often overlook them.

  1. Diet and lifestyle choices dictate how good or bad you feel physically and mentally. If you choose the eat a diet that is nutritionally rich in vitamins, minerals, omega oils, clean proteins, clean carbohydrates and water you will feel amazing and rarely be ill. Plus, if you practice fasting for 12+ hours a day you will have a body and mind that functions optimally, correctly, predictably and reliably in most cases. It also has a nurturing effect on gut health which will bring further balance to the body. The more clever you are with these choices the better you feel and longer you live a healthy, happy and strong life. ORGANIC nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits, berries are the most nutritionally dense foods that the human body can absorb with maximum efficiency. Plant- based foods are best. Animal-based foods do have benefits but they also have many negatives too so choose wisely.
  2. Exercise or any type of physical exertion has an extremely positive impact on physical and mental health. Weight training, aerobics, running, walking, yoga, pilates, martial arts, plyometrics, stretching, compound exercises will add a new dimension to life and energy. Building a routine is key and staying hydrated, with adequate levels of nutrition are important for the body to derive max benefit for these activities.
  3. Hot & Cold Shock promotes healthy body and mind, supports healing, lengthens life-span and balances/resets immune responses from the brain. The chemistry changes that occurs within the human body down to the cellular level is positively influenced to a high level when exposed to extremes of hot or cold. Increases in norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin plus the knock-on impact this has on the endocrine system and autonomous nervous system are amazing to say the least. These extremes can be achieved using saunas, ice/cold baths or showers and cyrotherapy.
  4. Being the ‘Real-You’ makes life easier. Find yourself. Wear your heart on your sleave. Be the full ‘real you’ but don’t trust anyone that hasn’t earned your trust before. Don’t apologize for being real, talking facts and being the person you are in full. Forget what other people think about you. When you choose to battle, pick your battles wisely and rarely. Stay happy and grateful. Know yourself, know your place, know your strengths and know your weakness.
  5. The way you think affects the way you feel. The way you feel affects the decisions you make and thus the course of your life-path. Being positive and thinking positive will lead to more positive outcomes and more positive encounters with more positive people. Likewise the opposite is true of negative/worry/anxious thinking. As much as possible (in this crazy world!) – think happy, try to be happy (even when you feel like being sad) and be kind and positive. Wim Hof breathing and conscious deep-breathing can be a quick way to get the brain chemistry thinking happy fast. Meditation & visualization of varying types is also very effective. Plan out your goals, map-out the happy life you want to live and then go live it with energy and enthusiasm. Appreciate what you have and strive for more.

These tips are based on what we have learned and observed through our own experience and research. We have spoken about much of this on our podcast This Irish Life if you are interested in this kind of thing.

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