Strong body, Strong mind, High confidence 

When it comes to getting things done, you are the biggest obstacle you will face. You are the reason today was a day where you achieved something and likewise the reason you didn’t.  You are the problem and the solution.

To me, the factors that most influence my ability to perform (or not perform) are my physical feelings of well being. When I fel bad, not a lot gets done, I will wallow in boredom and thinking for a few hours (in the past it was days!). Maybe eat some sweet things, drink lots of coffee, maybe a bit of fast food, watch TV, smoke cigarettes, escape reality – searching for all the comforts that will get me through the day with a feeling of contentment.  Don’t get me wrong now, these days happen to us all and are a necessary wind-down and well-earned break from the madness that is everyday life.  BUT! Not great for moving forward, reaching goals and following dreams.  The more of these days you have, the less you’re going to achieve. On the flip side then we have the opposite to that type of day.  These are the days that I now live most of the time and these are the days that keep me on my right road.

Good Days –

Strong body, strong mind, high confidence.  This is the recipe for success.  When your body is strong and healthy you automatically experience a higher sense of well being and with that comes a confidence that you can achieve.  Achieve what?  Achieve whatever you want to.  When you feel great, you want to go and get things done.  Just sitting around doesn’t quite cut it.  And when you are getting things done and making progress your mind is happy, you are pleased with yourself and the snowball effect begins.


Everyday won’t be a good day but take the bad in your stride, maintain that momentum, get back on the horse and keep moving forward.  When things go wrong, that’s life.  When you are healthy and strong, you are better capable of understanding and accepting your failures and low points as part of the journey.  You won’t spend a week in the hiccup, I had a bad day, fuck it – move on. Tomorrow will be better.

strong bod and mind

How to do it – 

As a guy who spent many a wallow in a hiccup week or month or year I can tell you straight that the number one way to get pumped, feel good and and start living is to super-charge you body with nutrients from food; exercise regularly to a pace that you are comfortable with; and be positive, think positive and surround yourself with positive people. This is the way I live and I love it.  I feel great, I feel confident and I feel strong in body and mind.  Taking care of the body is the vital first and last step to success, happiness and peace of mind.  It is the key to the door of success.  If you want to fuel your ambitions and desires it all starts with a strong body, which will in turn give you a strong mind, directly translating into higher confidence and an ability to hit some targets and fulfill some dreams! I wrote a book called Health Now – The Alkaline Lifestyle (available on Amazon here –  where you can learn the basics of this type of approach to building a better body and mind for yourself.  Strong body, Strong mind, High confidence – it makes sense and it works in practice.