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What is The Irish Health Foundation?

The Irish Health Foundation – a bridge to ‘healthy-living’ for Ireland. Bringing knowledge and understanding of health and wellness and building the infrastructure across Ireland to deliver it.

Who is doing anything positive and powerful on a national scale about promoting health and well-being deeply in Ireland?

The Irish Health Foundation (IHF) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to promote ‘healthy-living’ in Ireland. The results of this mission will make Ireland the most health-conscious nation in the world and create an underlying nationwide infrastructure that gives all the Irish people easy access to ‘healthy-living’.

There are so many organisations out there who are focused on specific diseases or health challenges but to me they are missing the bigger picture. All the big players (for-profit and not-for-profit) allocate funding and investment towards finding a ‘cure’. So by their nature they are largely reactive to existing problems. On the proactive side, there is always the token mention of healthy lifestyle, get some exercise, eat your vegetables – but this is more of an after-thought than a guiding principle.

My understanding is that most of the money ever invested in health in Ireland has focused on almost exclusively helping people who are already suffering and sick versus investing in actually preventing the disease from developing in the first place. If we took all the organisations in Ireland (public/private/non-profit) that aim to tackle health problems/diseases and calculated how much they spent on finding ‘cures’ over the past 10 years, I’m sure it would total hundreds of millions of euro. By contrast, how many national organisations (public/private/non-profit) have invested deeply in ‘healthy-living’ (as opposed to investing deeply in ‘disease-curing’). I have not come across any that have done anything of note. I’m sure they probably exist but they are largely unknown and small in comparison to the big ‘disease-tackling’ organisations. I say it is time to change this focus!

Stop waiting to get sick. Live to be well. Understand why you get sick and take preventative action. Add to that, the fact that the human body can actually become super-human and super-charged when you introduce lifestyles like non-meat, vegetarian, vegan, raw whole foods, organic foods, exercise, breathing, meditating and so on. This is what the Irish Health Foundation is supporting and promoting. We are that organisation that will stand for ‘healthy living’. We will promote it and support it up and down the country. Our work is only just beginning, please support us if you believe you can help in any way.

The Irish Health Foundation is giving the gift of great health back to the Irish people.

Learn more by following the link. 

Written by Jonathan Comerford – Founder of The Irish Health Foundation

This Irish Life Podcast 22 – Grow Your Own Organic Food -Part 1 of 3

The boys havin da craic, chatting about the best ways to grow food in your home and garden. In the world of today we have somehow become brainwashed to think that it is okay to eat large amounts of rubbish, processed, dead food that travels half way across the world to our local supermarket and then we buy it and eat it. Most of this food is covered in pesticides, herbicides and who knows what else before it reaches your local store. They are often sprayed with chemicals to preserve them, keep their colour and prevent them rotting too fast. This is madness and so far from our natural state of being. This approach to food makes us sick and keeps us sick. Growing your own food leads to a range of benefits from health to money, to lifestyle and positivity, this is a must-consider for anyone looking to live a better life. Running through the super-importance of soil and what to plant in. How to plant. What to plant. When to plant. The best tips for quick learning. Plus of course a Bollox Alert that may surprise you, a Hot Topic that is curing cancer and plenty of banter….

Also available as a video where you can see Shooz and Dug in the studio – available on YouTube at the link below.


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Health Now is an easy, enjoyable way to better health and well-being. The book is a compilation of the many different approaches to health that I have considered and applied in my life over the past few years all available in one place. Integrate what you find useful into your life, and understand how to live well.

It is written to empower the reader with information and motivate you to research more of what you find useful. If you use the techniques and follow just some of the suggestions you will see very positive results. By following some simple steps like drinking the optimum amount of water, consuming natural vitamins, minerals, herbs and oils; and understanding what substances to avoid and minimize, you can dramatically enhance your health and well-being in a very short period of time.

Download a complimentary copy of my ebook below for free.

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This Irish Life Podcast – Top 5 Health Tips

Here are 5 simple tips that can be applied in order to increase how healthy, strong and happy we are as people. They are simple but we often overlook them.

  1. Diet and lifestyle choices dictate how good or bad you feel physically and mentally. If you choose the eat a diet that is nutritionally rich in vitamins, minerals, omega oils, clean proteins, clean carbohydrates and water you will feel amazing and rarely be ill. Plus, if you practice fasting for 12+ hours a day you will have a body and mind that functions optimally, correctly, predictably and reliably in most cases. It also has a nurturing effect on gut health which will bring further balance to the body. The more clever you are with these choices the better you feel and longer you live a healthy, happy and strong life. ORGANIC nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits, berries are the most nutritionally dense foods that the human body can absorb with maximum efficiency. Plant- based foods are best. Animal-based foods do have benefits but they also have many negatives too so choose wisely.
  2. Exercise or any type of physical exertion has an extremely positive impact on physical and mental health. Weight training, aerobics, running, walking, yoga, pilates, martial arts, plyometrics, stretching, compound exercises will add a new dimension to life and energy. Building a routine is key and staying hydrated, with adequate levels of nutrition are important for the body to derive max benefit for these activities.
  3. Hot & Cold Shock promotes healthy body and mind, supports healing, lengthens life-span and balances/resets immune responses from the brain. The chemistry changes that occurs within the human body down to the cellular level is positively influenced to a high level when exposed to extremes of hot or cold. Increases in norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin plus the knock-on impact this has on the endocrine system and autonomous nervous system are amazing to say the least. These extremes can be achieved using saunas, ice/cold baths or showers and cyrotherapy.
  4. Being the ‘Real-You’ makes life easier. Find yourself. Wear your heart on your sleave. Be the full ‘real you’ but don’t trust anyone that hasn’t earned your trust before. Don’t apologize for being real, talking facts and being the person you are in full. Forget what other people think about you. When you choose to battle, pick your battles wisely and rarely. Stay happy and grateful. Know yourself, know your place, know your strengths and know your weakness.
  5. The way you think affects the way you feel. The way you feel affects the decisions you make and thus the course of your life-path. Being positive and thinking positive will lead to more positive outcomes and more positive encounters with more positive people. Likewise the opposite is true of negative/worry/anxious thinking. As much as possible (in this crazy world!) – think happy, try to be happy (even when you feel like being sad) and be kind and positive. Wim Hof breathing and conscious deep-breathing can be a quick way to get the brain chemistry thinking happy fast. Meditation & visualization of varying types is also very effective. Plan out your goals, map-out the happy life you want to live and then go live it with energy and enthusiasm. Appreciate what you have and strive for more.

These tips are based on what we have learned and observed through our own experience and research. We have spoken about much of this on our podcast This Irish Life if you are interested in this kind of thing.

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The Benefits of Heat Shock – Podcast 20 Clip-it-Up.


Live longer, age better, heal faster, feel great and much more…… Get to the sauna fast guys and girls.

We have been trying this out for the last few weeks. Staying in the sauna for periods of 20-30 minutes, short 1-2 minute break, and back in again to get to a total of an hour. The longer you can stay in without a break the better. It is intense but totally a great buzz during and afterwards with multiple health benefits for body and mind. Finishing off with a few cold showers for about 5 minutes while doing Wim Hof breathing (of course!). #thisirishlife 

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Strong body, Strong mind, High confidence 

When it comes to getting things done, you are the biggest obstacle you will face. You are the reason today was a day where you achieved something and likewise the reason you didn’t.  You are the problem and the solution.

To me, the factors that most influence my ability to perform (or not perform) are my physical feelings of well being. When I fel bad, not a lot gets done, I will wallow in boredom and thinking for a few hours (in the past it was days!). Maybe eat some sweet things, drink lots of coffee, maybe a bit of fast food, watch TV, smoke cigarettes, escape reality – searching for all the comforts that will get me through the day with a feeling of contentment.  Don’t get me wrong now, these days happen to us all and are a necessary wind-down and well-earned break from the madness that is everyday life.  BUT! Not great for moving forward, reaching goals and following dreams.  The more of these days you have, the less you’re going to achieve. On the flip side then we have the opposite to that type of day.  These are the days that I now live most of the time and these are the days that keep me on my right road.

Good Days –

Strong body, strong mind, high confidence.  This is the recipe for success.  When your body is strong and healthy you automatically experience a higher sense of well being and with that comes a confidence that you can achieve.  Achieve what?  Achieve whatever you want to.  When you feel great, you want to go and get things done.  Just sitting around doesn’t quite cut it.  And when you are getting things done and making progress your mind is happy, you are pleased with yourself and the snowball effect begins.


Everyday won’t be a good day but take the bad in your stride, maintain that momentum, get back on the horse and keep moving forward.  When things go wrong, that’s life.  When you are healthy and strong, you are better capable of understanding and accepting your failures and low points as part of the journey.  You won’t spend a week in the hiccup, I had a bad day, fuck it – move on. Tomorrow will be better.

strong bod and mind

How to do it – 

As a guy who spent many a wallow in a hiccup week or month or year I can tell you straight that the number one way to get pumped, feel good and and start living is to super-charge you body with nutrients from food; exercise regularly to a pace that you are comfortable with; and be positive, think positive and surround yourself with positive people. This is the way I live and I love it.  I feel great, I feel confident and I feel strong in body and mind.  Taking care of the body is the vital first and last step to success, happiness and peace of mind.  It is the key to the door of success.  If you want to fuel your ambitions and desires it all starts with a strong body, which will in turn give you a strong mind, directly translating into higher confidence and an ability to hit some targets and fulfill some dreams! I wrote a book called Health Now – The Alkaline Lifestyle (available on Amazon here – http://www.amazon.com/Health-Now-Lifestyle-Jonathan-Crawford-ebook/dp/B0127Q0V0S/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1438939894&sr=1-1&keywords=health+now)  where you can learn the basics of this type of approach to building a better body and mind for yourself.  Strong body, Strong mind, High confidence – it makes sense and it works in practice.