The Information Support Initiative is a project lead by the Irish Health Foundation which connects people with information to teach themselves about natural ways  to reach stronger mental and physical health.  This promotes and educates on those choices that best serve great health and educates on the damage caused by those that degrade human health.

As the second pillar of The Irish Health Foundation this is just as important as the first. We, as a small nation, have the possibility of creating a generational change that will benefit everyone. In order to reach as many people as possible we will take two approaches. Online and face-to-face learning and experiences through a combination of our online Health Found Centre and our physical location Health Found Centres.

In partnership with fully-qualified experts, we are creating an online library of video mini-courses, development plans, webinars and workshops that support strong mental and physical health.

The website focuses on building healthy minds and healthy bodies through natural lifestyle choices, useful tips and powerful, provable health-promoting techniques and habits.

The path to healthy, strong and happy always begins with the mind. A weakened or damaged mind cannot create a strong body. Our mind creates our thoughts and these thoughts create our world.  So the starting point must be focussed on strengthening and protecting our mental health by understanding more about…..

Why do we suffer from mental health problems?

How can we protect our mental health?

How does mental health link to physical health?

What can we do to feel better about ourselves?

How do we start?

How do we succeed?

The Irish Health Foundation is a place where you can find answers to these questions. Having these answers brings options and opportunities for feeling better. It then is up to each individual to decide if they want to take the opportunity or not.

To find the best answers to these questions we asked ourselves…

What does a website library devoted to protecting mental and physical health need to have in it?

  1. We need relevant and powerful information that has proven real-life benefits so we can understand more about how to protect ourselves.
  2. We need many simple, practical and natural techniques so we know what to do step by step to see real-life results.
  3. We need support from people who have already used these techniques and experienced the benefits as motivation to help others succeed.
  4. We need experts who know the most about how their techniques can protect us and what the science says about the medical benefits and risks involved.
  5. We need a community of like-minded people who want to share their experiences and help to uplift others in their families and communities.

What is our vision for The Irish Health Foundation?

The website is our ‘online natural-health centre’ that will give people access to many easy and uplifting lessons, techniques, tips and tricks that help rebalance, support and heal their mind and body naturally and gently.

The website delivers a library of online learning through video courses, development plans, and practical workshops that showcase useful techniques and lifestyles that we can all use to protect our mental and physical health.

Personal online video consultations and plans will be available for those needing some extra personal trainer guidance.  This will be provided by our local community natural-health experts who will also be available to meet members face to face and take an even more personal approach with those who want it.

These lessons and techniques will constantly be mirrored and developed in real-life at our weekly walks, day-retreats and weekend getaways. Here, you can expect to meet many of the inspiring people we promote on the website. Community and inspiration is a wonderful mix!

In time, as we grow, much of this guidance will take place in our physical premises (Irish Health Found Centres) where we will also host our events, consultations, workshops and classes to help those who are interested to learn about living a natural, healthy, happy lifestyle and meeting like-minded people eager to do the same.

To begin, we have identified 29 health-promoting topics that will be supported online and mirrored in real-life events/talks/workshops. Each topic will have a full course and learning plan available to download through You can see more details about the type of online content and features available in our portfolio here.  This will be the content of the website and as an ‘App’ soon after.

  1. Understanding Mental Health
  2. Understanding Your Body
  3. Understanding Your Mind
  4. Understanding Natural Healing
  5. Improving Gut Health
  6. Nutrition
  7. Losing Weight
  8. Creating a Balanced Diet
  9. Juicing & Smoothies
  10. Eating Organic
  11. About Water
  12. Martial Arts
  13. Movement
  14. Exercise
  15. Yoga & Stretching
  16. Strength Training
  17. Growing Fruits, Veggies & Herbs
  18. Going Vegetarian
  19. Going Vegan
  20. Breathing
  21. Meditation
  22. Mindfulness
  23. Law of Attraction
  24. Heat Therapy
  25. Cold Therapy
  26. Energy Therapy & Reiki
  27. Homeopathy (Herb Healing)
  28. Brehon Law
  29. Ogham and Native Irish Teachings

Get started –

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