The Information Support Initiative is a project lead by the Irish Health Foundation (IHF) which aims to better educate the people of Ireland about making ‘health-promoting’ consumption decisions so that they can actually understand the positive and negative impacts that their consumption has on their body and mind. Consumption being products and services, particularly in the realm of those which are currently damaging to physical and mental health. This initiative aims to lay out the good, the bad and the ugly of the choices we have today; promote those choices that best serve great health and educate on the damage caused by those that degrade human health.

Most people know very little about their body and mind apart from what’s going on outside. The majority of people don’t understand why they feel tired, sore, unhappy, depressed, bloated, constipated etc etc. You go to the doctor and the doctor treats your symptoms and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. These days, there is no need for us to be ignorant about the WHY as I am feeling this way. In most cases it comes down simply to what you are consuming – food, drinks, drugs and even sometimes extending to beauty products, washing powders and any substance that comes into contact with you externally or internally. What about putting in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. How does that work? Giving up meat. Having a juice fast. Healing the body. How do you do it? Where to start? The IHF will fill this knowledge gap and give the Irish people the ability to understand what is happening, reduce the bad and increase the good – see the positive change.

As the second pillar of The Irish Health Foundation this is just as important as the first. We, as a small nation, have the possibility of creating a generational change that will benefit everyone. In order to do this the Information Support Initiative work on the following and illustrate to people how easy it can be to reduce the bad and increase the good in their lives:

  1. Advertising (paid and organic) on social media to promote the message plus supporting information.
  2. Arrange local community meetings where people can come and ask questions of health professionals about the message plus supporting information.
  3. Speak in schools, universities and workplaces to promote the message plus supporting information.
  4. Build a deep network of the many people locally and across Ireland who can add value. From nutritionists, personal health advisers, doctors, nurses, mid-wives, herbalists, alternative medicine practitioners, and everyone who has expertise to offer in healthy living and get them to make available their knowledge and expertise to support points 1-3 above.

If you would like to contribute to this change and begin building a better Ireland please donate in one of the following ways:

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Written by Jonathan Comerford  – Founder of The Irish Health Foundation