The People Support Initiative is a project lead by the Irish Health Foundation which aims to support people who want to work in the ‘health and wellness’ field. There are many people that have aspirations to be a nutritionist, a herbalist, wellness coach, small farmer, yoga teacher, martial arts trainer, a healer ….the list goes on. This initiative focuses on connecting people and facilitating their further education for the lowest cost possible.

There are an abundance of people out there who want to do something fulfilling with their lives but they just don’t know where to start. The usual starting point is the typical ‘go and do a course’ or ‘go back to college’ approach. This is fine to a certain extent but it always comes with a degree of uncertainty and risk because of the financial investment and time involved. A better starting point is to talk to people already in the industry and find out what is working for them. What are ups and downs? What is the niche that you would be happiest in? Where is your real passion? Would you like nutrition? Fitness coaching? Maybe small organic farming? Or maybe you want to release a new healthy energy bar or vitamin water or some great new innovation and start a great company? The best place for all these questions is to talk to people already doing it and see what they have to say. This is what it’s all about.

As an extension of the other initiatives (Production Support Initiative and Information Support Initiative) this one focuses on bringing together all of the resources of The Irish Health Foundation so as to support the growth of these people who want to learn new skills which will help them meet their personal goals and fulfill their passions. We envisage the basis of this initiative to be a strong online and face to face community where people can find out specific information from those already practicing within the natural health fields.

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