The Production Support Initiative is a project lead by the Irish Health Foundation (IHF) which aims to support the producers and creators of ‘health-promoting’ products and services so that they can innovate, increase capacity, implement best practices, access new technology and deliver quality offerings that can compete on price and quality with the multitude of the ‘health-degrading’ offerings that currently comprise most of the market.

Number One is Organic Food & Drink – It is no secret that the pesticides and herbicides used on fruits and vegetables do harm the body, particularly when consumed raw. If you are eating these non-organic (or worse yet – genetically modified) foods you are not gaining the benefits or the vitamins and minerals. Rather, you are getting a watered-down version of nutrients that is loaded up with poison. To me, this is ridiculous. We have an abundance of land in this country, ready and waiting to be used correctly. It’s time to go organic as a nation and lets say no to the junk that the market is so intent on selling us.

Number Two is clean safe water without damaging chemicals being added. Fluoridation and chlorination of water is a stone-age practice that is proven to be damaging to human health. Time to end this and give us back clean water. Take it one step further, let’s figure out a way to offer powerful alkaline water to everyone straight out of the tap.

Thirdly, related to Mental Health – this initiative also extends to supporting the creation and promotion of services locally that will positively impact on both mental and physical health, because one impacts the other all day, every day. The right balance of chemicals in the brain will dictate largely how we feel. Food and drink is one way we control this balance through the ‘gut’ – we address this with wholesome, clean food and drink as in points one and two above. The other way we influence it is through positive routines, exercise, training and health-promoting experiences. This can be sports, martial arts, yoga, breathing techniques, mindfulness training, acupuncture, treating anxiety, building confidence, going vegetarian/vegan, anything positive at all. There are so many ways to feel great and so many people ready to deliver it, so the IHF will be supporting and developing these activities as part of production support.

This initiative is the pillar of what the Irish Health Foundation wants to achieve. We must address supply and demand of health-promoting business and lifestyle and we need to bring down the cost so that people will consider it in their lives.  To make this happen the Production Support Initiative will focus on the following:

  1. Identify local producers with capacity to expand.
  2. Identify what are the most sensible areas of expansion based on access to skills, land, support resources and technology.
  3. Identify local channels that will buy this health-promoting produce and resell it/promote it to their customers at a fair price.
  4. Financially support the new projects through a grant system.

If you would like to contribute to this change and begin building a better Ireland please donate in one of the following ways:

Thanks for your support.


Written by Jonathan Comerford  – Founder of The Irish Health Foundation