IMG_0392 (1)Hi! I’m Jonathan Comerford. Health & Lifestyle Coach, Managing Director & Co-founder at the Irish Health Foundation.

I love ‘healthy-living’ and I love living in Ireland. One of my main goals in life is to build an organisation that will encourage and support my fellow people to understand how they can be healthier in body and mind and enjoy it. I There are so many amazing and exciting ways to live healthy and happy and we are sharing them with those who are interested. My philosophy is easy. Take what is useful and what you enjoy. Discard what is not working for you. Make just one positive change.

I am sincerely saddened every day by the rubbish life we have been conditioned to accept as ‘normal’. In our recent past, we understood much more about health then we do now, it is time to reawaken that sleeping knowledge and live the way we were designed to live. To achieve this lofty goal I created the Irish Health Foundation.


This is an extract from a book I wrote in 2012 called Health Now (free copy available below). It gives a good account of how I came to follow this path and why understanding ‘my health’ has been so important to me. For more current updates on me and what I’m up to, check out the blog section of the website and my social media below.

Making better health choices –

In the past I made some very bad health choices because I never understood how to be healthy, nobody told me what is best to eat; no one told my parents about proper nutrition; I didn’t learn it in school.  I knew a lot about human resource management, business, marketing, maths, history, geography; plenty of knowledge on the Premier League and GAA; I knew a little bit about exercise and training but I knew practically nothing about keeping healthy, vitamins, nutrition or my own immunity.  As I write it now, it seems completely ludicrous!  I knew a lot about all of these other subjects but I never bothered to understand how to care for my body and mind. I never knew about nutrition. I knew what food was bad for me but not much about what was good, why it was good and how I could use it to be great. I was never taught it, but now that I’ve found it, it is one of the most marvelous secrets of health and happiness that the world has simply forgotten.

So it’s simple –

I just needed to learn a bit and get answers to some questions; at least that way I could make better decisions and choices. They were simple questions that I had never considered important to ask before. Questions that are actually vitally important considering they will eventually mean the difference between my life, my death and how sick or well I will be in the interim.  How to keep my body working correctly; how to limit, eliminate and heal illness; why do we get sick?  How do I keep a long-term healthy body and healthy mind and make it fit with my ‘nine to five’ life?

Along my journey –

I have read many books and articles about nutrition, natural medicine, how the body works, exercise techniques, yoga, how to keep a strong and healthy mind and much more.  I understand that all these disciplines can lead to better health and well-being, practiced either together or indeed separately, depending what I want to achieve.  I had all of this information about natural health and immunity and looks completely natural and safe (especially when compared to the pills!) so I decided to integrate many of these natural approaches to health into my own life.

This lifestyle has been ongoing and evolving ever since and I feel great.  Sometimes I go extreme and super-healthy; sometimes I just stick to the basics, but I am always mindful of my health and I know what I must do to stay healthy and strong.  I know how to build my immunity, heal and protect myself using nutrition and I know how to give myself the energy and vitality required to live happily through what can often be a toxic and stressful life.

My health today – 

These days I am rarely ill, and if I come down with something it doesn’t last more than a day or two with only minor symptoms. I haven’t had an antibiotic in years and if I feel any sickness like a cold or flu coming I immediately use what nature provides to stop it before it starts. I live this way because it allows me to enjoy my everyday life and gives me the confidence, ability, strength and energy to take care of my family, my career and my friends. It helps me to be the best I can be and to completely avoid the stress and strain of being sick. With a little information and a small commitment of time and focus, you and your family can avoid sickness and increase your energy and will forever be able to pass on the knowledge of how to keep a healthy body and healthy mind.

Health Now –

Of the many books and articles I discovered, most of them focused on specific approaches to health and healing, but I never really came across any book that included easy-to-find information on multiple approaches to health.  Many health books are jam-packed with information and facts on one specific approach or another, and it is a task to pull together all of the information into one place. So I decided to write a book that would achieve this goal. Health Now is a collection of the many approaches to health and wellness that I have found useful.  It is a short book, but it contains everything you need to live a long, happy and healthful life. The information is taken from books written by educated professionals who know what they are talking about.  I am not a doctor and I’m not advocating anything in this book as a cure for any or all diseases, but I am presenting this information as it is understood scientifically and how this relates to our body chemistry and the resulting impact on our health.  All the facts available agree – you control your health and well-being, for better and for worse.  I am impressed by the results I have achieved by applying it to my life and I believe that you will find it impressive too. You can download a copy here for free or you can choose to pay whatever price you want for it and this payment will be treated as a donation to The Irish Health Foundation.

There is nothing more important than health, it’s about time we started prioritising it more with a view to prevention rather than cure. 

Written by Jonathan Comerford  – Founder of The Irish Health Foundation

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